Rapid Riders Delivery Services Co. is primarily focused on providing personnel for restaurants and caterers to fulfill their delivery needs and to individuals for their personal delivery needs. Our main aim is for your product to reach your customer fresh and on time.


We will take your delivery problems off your chest. Our riders will answer directly to you during their duty hours like normal, but their lodgings and paychecks will be our problem.

The added advantages for you, our valued customer, will be that in case one of our riders can’t make it, a replacement from our fleet will be available. And rest assured, your customer will be satisfied by our prompt delivery.


We will deliver bike riders with fully equipped bikes along with there accommodation, food and insurance. We just ease you to outsource your delivery department to us and we will take a good care of all your fatigue of delivery services occur in your business.

We just provide you a bike rider that will perform all your business’s delivery works with full passionate and enthusiastic way.


When it comes to a question of speed, our bike courier service is simply second to none!

With U.A.E’s immense levels of traffic congestion, if you need a parcel, document or other small consignment delivered urgently, our nippy 2-wheeled couriers are the only courier of choice.

No other form of transport can match the motorcycle or pushbike courier for speed.

In UAE, with today's congested traffic conditions, our 'two-wheeled' couriers provide the quickest method of moving urgent documents, artwork and magnetic media etc. from A to B.

And as well as speedy distribution, when delivering to, or collecting from your clients’ premises, RRD’s couriers will always be smartly uniformed and carrying identification, thus reflecting the level of professionalism of your business.